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Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust

Rose Levy Beranbaum is one of my favorite recipe authors.  Her Cake Bible is a stand alone work of complete brilliance.  You should definitely visit her website and blog at http://www.realbakingwithrose.com/.   Ms. Beranbaum’s recipes are tested, written out with both volumes and weights (this alone gives her a special place in my heart), and are well explained and scientifically documented.  Really, I cannot sing this woman’s praise enough!

REFERENCE: The Pie and Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum page 29-31

As I don't keep pastry flour on hand, I used a mixture of all-purpose flour, and . . .

As I don’t keep pastry flour on hand, I used a mixture of all-purpose flour, and . . .

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Blueberry Pie Filling

Very soon it will be the pi (π) day – the biggest π day this century – 3/14/15!  In honor of such a glorious holiday (math nerds and foodies UNITE!), pie is definitely called for.  As I have the pleasure of working that day, cream and custard pies are not an option.  (Such pies just don’t have much room temperature stability and don’t travel very well, either.)  And there are no local fresh fruit options available in Nebraska in March.  My favorite fruit pies are peach (really only available in late summer) and any type of berry.  Unfortunately, most berries don’t stand up well to mixing or baking as they are just too delicate.  (Berries do better in a lighter chiffon or cream pie as then they can just be poured into a single crust pie.  But then we are back to the problem of room temperature stability.  Umpf!)  Happily the small but mighty blueberry is an exception!  Available frozen all year round, and *almost* as good as fresh, blueberry pie can be made whenever the craving for a good fruit pie strikes!

REFERENCE: SCC Culinary School, Food Prep Fundamentals II Lab Recipe


Ingredient Prep Time:  30 minutes + time to thaw blueberries

Oven Temperature:  375° F or 190°C

Baking Time:  45-60 minutes (or 1 hour 30-45 minutes from frozen)

MAKES:  one 9-inch pie (6-8 slices)

Draining the thawed blueberries

Draining the thawed blueberries

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