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So, why another food blog / party site?  Well, I’m writing this blog mostly for myself.  It seems that I often think of grand things to do, and that is exactly where they stay – in my head.  Life is short.  I don’t want to spend it thinking about ways I can entertain my family and friends or cook for my husband.  I want to spend it actually making those moments.  So this blog is how I am going to hold myself accountable.  I’m hoping to add a post every other week.  That means that I have to cook something new and original for somebody every other week.

What’s in the name “Four Eyes and a Stove”?  This  wonderful title was a clever idea from one of my brother-in-laws.  My cooking space is a cute, little 1950s galley kitchen.  Until about two years ago, it didn’t even have a dishwasher (other than my very handsome husband).  But I love to throw grand parties.  I once threw a ten course New Year’s Eve party.  But to do that from my little galley kitchen, with its four stove top burners, one oven and one microwave takes quite a bit of planning.  I read in magazines and entertaining cookbooks how to throw these lovely, grand parties where the host is supposed to serve two different roasted main courses, three baked side dishes, and, as a final touch, a towering soufflé.  Unless you have three ovens and six burners, no one person in one normal kitchen can do that!  So I wanted to present a blog about fun, occasionally exotic, cooking that takes place in real kitchen – one with four eyes and a stove.  (And yes, I wear glasses, too.)

And why should anything I write be relevant to cooking/entertaining?  First, I am a culinary student at our local community college and I have a Food Protection Manager Permit through the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.  So a) I am learning / have learned proper cooking techniques from real professional chefs, and b) I have passed a test proving my understanding of basic food safety.  But, outside of my own small little kitchen, I am not a chef.  And I never will be a chef.  That life is way too grueling for me.  I’m grateful that there are people out there willing to cook, as I love to eat.  But spending 10 hours over a hot grill six days a week sounds like a version of Hell.  Along with my experience/education in the culinary arts, I have a B.S. in chemistry and PharmD.  I’m no Alton Brown or Harold McGee, but I do love the chemistry and science of cooking.  I intend to include a little science with every recipe.  Who doesn’t love a geek-out moment?

This blog is going to highlight my attempts at other people’s recipes.  I have some recipes that I love and some recipes that are just okay.  And I will be trying some recipes that are just flat out terrible.  But I am not a creative cook.  I can take other people’s ideas and execute them properly, but I rarely come up with anything original.  And then there are times that I just completely fail at something.  But as they say in Myth Busters, “Failure is always an option.”  Some recipes just don’t work.  Some recipes work but taste terrible to me.  I think including failures as well as successes is part of the experience.  It’s definitely part of life.

So I hope you find this blog interesting, informative, and even a little funny.



Here I am in my student whites with my awesome Mutti

Here I am in my student whites with my awesome Mutti


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  1. You misspelled first. 😉


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